Contact & Support


1. An error message (image) pops up when trying to start the program


  1. If you downloaded the zip package, make sure to extract the files first by dragging them to an empty folder before starting the program.
  2. Try downloading the zip package again in case it became corrupted while downloading.
  3. Try installing the Itch app and install Diesel Railcar Simulator from the app as the installation will be fully automatic.

2. The program crashes or runs slowly during the simulation


  1. Try starting with a different graphics quality level.
  2. Try starting in windowed mode instead of full screen, or vice versa.
  3. Try starting in a different DirectX mode: Drag the Diesel Railcar Simulator.exe with the right-hand mouse button and create a shortcut. Open the properties of the shortcut with the right-hand mouse button and in the Target field, add a space and the parameter -force-d3d9 after the last quote (image). Try starting the sim from the shortcut and it will be forced to use DirectX9. You can also try the parameters -force-d3d11 or -force-d3d12 to try newer DirectX versions.